Sales Skills Training in LIC

Sales Skills Training through SETP

LIC is also recognised as Life Insurance Corporation. People are familiar with this name. LIC Company invited Dr Arvinder Singh to conduct sales skills training session so that employees can acquire effective selling skills. Dr Arvinder Singh (MBBS and MD) is particularly a pathologist. He also did MBA from IIM, Indore. During MBA, he learned various management concepts. He also got gold medal from IIM, Indore for his excellent grades.

Sales Skills Training

Dr Arvinder Singh have many skills such as marketing skill, selling skill, negotiation skill, speed reading skill, mind controlling skill, creativity skill, lateral thinking skill, etc. In the sales skills training program, he demonstrated effective selling skills. Many people do not know how to sell a product or service easily. Dr Arvinder Singh did long time research and invented an effective tool with the name of SETP or Seven Effective Thinking Patterns. In the sales skills training program, he explained that how SETP tool can be used to increase sales.

Dr Arvinder Singh also gave some easy selling tips to employees in the sales skills training program. He told that the person can easily generate innovative selling ideas with the help of SETP. On the other hand, this tool can also help in problem solving and decision making.

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