Social Welfare Activities by Rotary Club Mewar

Social Welfare Works by Rotary Club

Rotary Club Mewar is a group of professionals who work together to solve the problems of the society. The members do social welfare works such as they promote health care and education awareness among general people.  They provide best services for growth and development of the society.  Dr Arvinder Singh, the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics, is the president of Rotary Club Mewar.

Social Welfare Programs by Rotary Club

In spite of being a doctor, he actively takes part in many social welfare activities. He also encourages other persons to do something productive for society. In an event, Dr Arvinder Singh talked about the social welfare works plan of Rotary Club Mewar. He told that 51 members of Rotary Club will participate in the blood donation camp that will be conducted in RNT Medical College.

Manish Ganna, Secretary of Rotary Club told that the club is going to start lab on wheels soon. This program will create many opportunities for the inhabitants of Udaipur city. Dr Arvinder Singh and Mr. Manish Ganna declared that Rotary club will also launch ‘Parsona’ for all women and professional ladies. They also told that they will launch programs for children also.

Mr. Abhay Malaara, Secretary also told that the club will work on vocational training for social welfare. He also declared that the club will also conduct seminars for GST training. Dr Arvinder Singh told that the club will work for improvement in roads to make Udaipur, a smart city.

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