Student Welfare Seminar

Seminar for Student Welfare

Dr Arvinder gave motivational speech in a program. The program was organised by (ABVP) Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. In the program he gave effective success tips for student welfare. He told that student should set desired goal to achieve success in life. The person should to prepare with full dedication to fulfil big dreams.

In the seminar for student welfare he also stated that student should set self inspired goal. The goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, reliable and should be achieved within a certain time. After setting up the goal, the person should work with complete dedication and enthusiasm because without hard work and dedication, the person cannot achieve the goal.

Seminar for Student welfare

He told to the students that they should set their goals on time. The session was very interactive. Students also cleared their queries with Dr Arvinder Singh. He also helped them to select right career path. Dr Arvinder Singh also works as creativity and operational intelligence trainer. He conducted many session for creativity and intelligence development in schools and colleges for student welfare.

Specially, he gives main importance to goal setting to achieve success in life. A person cannot put efforts in right direction without a specific goal. Goal selection is very important in life. After setting up the goal, the person should decide how to achieve it. The tasks required for goal attainment should be clear in the mind of the person.

Dr Arvinder Singh is actively working for student welfare. He also invented a tool for operational intelligence enhancement. Students can increase their mind intelligence quotient with the help of this tool. Students can also learn creativity by Dr Arvinder Singh. They can easily deal with many problems such as reading, learning, memory problems , etc.

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