Success Tips Interview with Pratyush Patrika

Interview with Pratyush Magazine

Pratyush Magazine is a monthly national news magazine, publishes in Hindi. The magazine covers information about various fields such as business, political, social matter, sports, culture, literature, education, etc. The magazine provides special sections for youth, women and kids. Generally, people read this magazine to fight various competitive exams. Dr Arvinder Singh gave success tips to youths in this magazine.

Success Tips in Pratyush Magazine

The Pratyush magazine published the interview of Dr Arvinder Singh. He is the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics centre. However, with health care and diagnostics field, he also holds expertise in spirituality, philosophy, ,psychology and intelligence enhancement field. He invented an effective tool for intelligence enhancement. The name of the tool is seven effective Thinking patterns. Particularly, he got national award for his invention. He conducted many seminars in India and also in other foreign countries to give success tips to youths so that they can particularly contribute for growth and development of the nation.

In the interview with Pratyush magazine, he explained importance of spirituality and spiritual intelligence. He believes in god and believes that god is the ultimate creator of truth. Arth Diagnostics is one of the best diagnostics centres. He gave credit to expert team members of Arth Diagnostics behind its super position. In just few years, the diagnostic centre established the top position in health care industry.

In the interview, he also gave success tips to youths. He said that the person should select a goal and he or she should word hard with dedication to achieve the goal. The person should accept challenges and should face all those challenges with enthusiasm. He explained that people should work with positive thinking. Positive thinking prepares the person to deal with problems.  Dr Arvinder Singh is also working in creativity and mind intelligence development field for the welfare of the youths. Hence, youths can adapt these effective success tips to achieve the goal of the life.

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