Success Tips by School Cinema

Success Tips By School Cinema

Human brain appreciates creative images and videos and gets attracted towards them. Videos or movies are particularly creative methods of teaching. Audio-visual has impact on brain functioning. Hence, through movies  people get connected with the story.  People get entertaining and good experience from movies. In addition, films influence psyche and behavior of people and provide right direction to them. Nowadays, many film producers are creating motivational films to spread good message and make people aware about a certain social issue. Hence, films are the powerful medium to give effective success tips to people and people can implement those tips to achieve success accordingly.

Dr Arvinder Singh, the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics and the president of Rotary Club Mewar did partnership with LXL Ideas Company. He introduced ‘School Cinema’ concept in Rajasthan to give success tips to students. Dr. Singh is popular as human intelligence trainer, creativity trainer, mind map trainer and motivational speaker. He has also received national award for the invention of operational intelligence training program “Seven effective Thinking Patterns”.

Success Tips By School Cinema

On the auspicious occasion “Children’s day” Rotary club Udaipur Mewar with media parner dainik bhaskar is going to organize a big complementary event for students’ welfare. Dr. Singh will give success tips to students by showing inspirational movies. Students can apply those success tips to deal with their life difficulties.  Students will learn essential life values, right attitude and life skills through school cinema movies. In School Cinema module, movies are available for school students, college students, teachers and parents. School Cinema module is the result of deep research and people can get success tips from these inspirational films.

School cinema films will not only help in academic achievement but also the module also will give success tips to people to achieve life goals. Hence, people can apply the success tips to reach at the top level in the life. As a result, they can make their life happy and enjoyable.


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