Ten Tools To Creative Genius

Ten Tools To Creative Genius Book

In current era, where competition is growing rapidly, creativity and innovation are the most desirable skills of a person. A creative person explores new ways to solve problems. Creativity is a fundamental skill, which helps the person to achieve success in every situation. Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO, and CMD of Arth Diagnostics, Udaipur has written a book on creativity and human intelligence development with the name of Ten Tools to Creative Genius.

Ten Tools to Creative Genius – By Dr. Arvinder Singh

It has been analyzed that many creativity books which are available in the market are written by particularly foreign authors. However, those books do not contain Indian population perspectives. Moreover, creativity training workshops that are available, their costs are also beyond the reach of many people. All the creative concepts to enhance creativity are available in such a simplified manner in Ten Tools to Creative Genius book,.

‘Ten Tools to Creative Genius’ book presents various creative examples through which a person can easily understand all creative tools. Readers can pick any of the tools mentioned in this creativity book and can generate as many creative ideas as possible and can also become a creative genius. This creativity book will encourage the readers to think from different perspectives.  Hence, readers will understand out of the box thinking approach.  People can discover creative solutions of problems with the use of these 10 creative tools.

Dr. Singh is pretty sure that by practicing each creative tool, a person can increase creative potential and can take intelligence to a higher level. Hence, this creativity book is particularly beneficial for students, researchers, trainers and corporate employees and also for people who want to become a creative genius. People can easily face life challenges and can discover creative ideas with the help of these tools. Currently, this creativity book is available in English language but soon it will be translated into other languages. A person can read this book and by practicing each tool,  he can become creative genius.

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