Treat Diseases with 3 to 6 Upgrade Technology

Appreciation by Maharashtra Pathologist Association

Blood tests help doctors to check whether the patient is suffering from certain disease or not. They do blood test to identify and treat diseases such as anemia, cancer, AIDS, heart diseases, etc. They also check how well the body organs are working through blood test. The patient faces one major problem that each time he has to give blood sample for different medical tests. Dr Arvinder Singh presented the solution of this problem.

Treat Diseases with the help of Automatic Machine

Maharashtra pathologist association and Horiba, a Japanese company invited Dr Arvinder Singh, CEO of Arth Diagnostics in the national pathologist conference. In the conference, Dr Arvinder Singh presented his innovation thoughts. He introduced 3 to 6 upgrade technique that can help to treat diseases through only simple test method.

He also elaborated the importance of automatic machine to treat diseases. Dr Arvinder Singh told that now with the help of automatic machine, Doctors can do more than 30 tests through only one blood drop. They can easily treat diseases with the support of automatic machine. All the other pathologists appreciated the presentation of Dr Arvinder Singh. They also asked related questions to Dr Arvinder Singh.

The authorities also gave him appreciation certificate for his efforts. Dr Arvinder Singh also discussed that how the latest medical equipments can be used to treat diseases easily. He said that patients need to bear pain any more. He also explained the critical features of automatic machine and its benefits.  The authorities and other members also appreciated his works in other fields such as intelligence enhancement and skills development.

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