Young Entrepreneur Award

Times of India presented Young Entrepreneur award to Dr Arvinder Singh in a prestigious award ceremony organised at Ramada Spa and Resort.  On 23rd May, 2015, Times of India organised the ceremony to encourage and appreciate the efforts of young entrepreneurs. MP Arjun Lal Meena was also present in the award ceremony.

Young Entrepreneur Award

MP Arjun Lal Meena presented the young entrepreneur award to Dr Arvinder Singh on the basis of his excellence in social services, health care services, education services, academics, paper publications and research work. In spite of being a pathologist, he also got gold medal from Indian Institute of Management, Indore. According to him doctors should also do management course. He secured high percentages in management subjects. He also did various training courses from various foreign institutes.

Now he became popular as motivational trainer, intelligence trainer, mind map instructor, emotional intelligence trainer and creativity trainer. He is working on skills of persons. All the entrepreneurs have some critical skills such as creativity, decision making, problem solving, stress handling, etc. Dr Arvinder Singh is working on all these skills so that country can get many entrepreneurs.  An entrepreneur generate resources that are essential for development of nation.

In the ceremony he also elaborated that an entrepreneur should accept the challenges and should work with dedication. He also said that any person can become successful entrepreneur if he uses his intellect properly. Dr Arvinder Singh invented an internationally accredited patented intelligence enhancement tool – Seven Effective Thinking Patterns. The person can improve mind power, creativity and intelligence with the help of SETP tool.

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