Youth Entrepreneur Award

Times of India presented Youth Entrepreneur Award to Dr Arvinder Singh, CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics. He received the award on 23rd May, 2015, in an award ceremony organised at Ramada Spa and Resort in Udaipur .

Youth Entrepreneur Award was given on the basis of his social service, paper publications, research works and his creative skills. Dr Arvinder Singh is a multi talented personality. He is doctor by profession and also did various courses such as mind map, body building, and digital marketing programs from famous and well-known universities.

On the other hand, he also runs various interactive training courses for education and knowledge development. In spite of, being a doctor, he invented intelligence enhancement tool with the name of SETP (Seven Effective Thinking Patterns). SETP tool is effective for intelligence enhancement and mind training. However, the tool also helps in creativity and emotional intelligence development.

Youth Entrepreneur Award

He believes that an entrepreneur must have some abilities for example creative thinking, decision making, problem solving and risk taking. Modern entrepreneurs have to discover unique creative ideas to get success in the dynamic environment. Particularly, to become an entrepreneur the person should find own strengths abilities and weaknesses.

The person, who does something unique, receives Youth Entrepreneur Award for the achievements. Dr Arvinder Singh did remarkable work. He will soon launch the intelligence enhancement tool, SETP commercially. The tool can give advantage to corporate world in terms of intelligence development.

He also motivated youths and stated to use knowledge and creative skills to create something unique. MP Arjun Lal Meena presented the Youth Entrepreneur Award to Dr Arvinder Singh. Arjun Lal Meena also praised him for his works. In the ceremony, he gave motivational speech to encourage talented persons. In the speech, he told about motivational factors and also told his life journey. He shared many experiences in the award functions to give effective learning to the audience.

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