Mewar Health Care Achievers Award for Conceptual Creativity

Award for Conceptual Creativity

Dr Arvinder Singh who is a postgraduate medical doctor and also MBA from the prestigious college IIM, has given revolutionary contribution in creativity and human intelligence development. He has invented scales for measuring creativity, problem-solving and decision-making, which are internationally approved by Psychologist Corporation. Dr Singh has also published book on conceptual creativity with the […]

Best Student Award by Digitech Media

Best Student Award By Digitech Media

Dr. Arvinder Singh, CEO of Arth diagnostics scored highest marks and did the top in the advanced digital marketing course. He did advance digital marketing from ‘Delhi Institute of Internet Marketing’ (DSIM). He got ‘Best Student Award 2017 ‘.  The ranking method was particularly based on web designing, social media marketing, Google marketing and search […]

Award for Intellectual Enhancement Tool

Intellectual Enhancement Tool

Dr Arvinder Singh believes that human decisions decide destiny. The person has to take effective decisions and solve problems for successful enriched life. He says that in current competitive situation so many opportunities are available. The person can use those opportunities and can become successful easily. Times of India presented award to Dr Arvinder Singh […]

Young Entrepreneur Award

Young Entrepreneur

Times of India presented Young Entrepreneur award to Dr Arvinder Singh in a prestigious award ceremony organised at Ramada Spa and Resort.  On 23rd May, 2015, Times of India organised the ceremony to encourage and appreciate the efforts of young entrepreneurs. MP Arjun Lal Meena was also present in the award ceremony. Young Entrepreneur Award […]

Mind Map Instructor

Mind Map Advanced Instructor

Mind map is a method in which the person makes creative diagrams to solve the problems. The person can easily identify the relationship among various ideas. Through this method, the person identifies central idea and supportive ideas. Dr Arvinder Singh did mind map training course under the guidance of Chris Griffiths, CEO of Think Buzan […]

Certificate for Health Care and Education Services

Honoured by Rotary Club, Udaipur

Good health and high education are the blessings of life. These two things are essential to become successful.  A person cannot handle the complexities of life without good health. Education makes the person knowledgeable. Dr Arvinder Singh got certificate of honour from Rotary Club of Udaipur Mewar for his health care and education services. Certificate […]

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Therefore, Neuro Linguistic Programming explains the fundamental relationship between human mind (Neuro) and the particular language (linguistic). It also show that how the mind monitors behaviour of other body parts. In Neuro Linguistic Programming three major elements are responsible for human intelligence. Neurology, language and programming are the three major components. Particularly, Neurological system maintains […]

Topped IIM

Topped IIM

Dr Arvinder Singh, a well-known pathologist is the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics. He did many degrees such as MBBS, MD, MBA from IIM, Indore, PGDBM from ICFAI Hyderabad, CEL from Oxford, etc. He is the only doctor from India who received gold medal from IIM, Indore. Dr Arvinder Singh is also certified licensed […]

Seminar on Intelligence Development

Intelligence Development Seminar

Dr Arvinder Singh did mind map training under the guidance of Tony Buzan, a popular mind map trainer. He did Mind Map training course from famous and well-known ThinkBuzan Academy, UK. Dr Arvinder Singh is also the certified licensed trainer of lateral thinking and parallel thinking. He invented Seven Effective Thinking Patterns tool for intelligence […]

Certificate for Mind Map Training

Mind Map Certificate

Every person wants to get success in his life but the each person cannot easily achieve it. One method to get success is to wait for the opportunities. On the other side to get success the person has to generate unique creative ideas. However, generation creative ideas are not an easy task. First of all […]