Best Seller Book

Ten Tools to Creative Genius Became Best Seller Book

Ten Tools to Creative Genius is classified as “Top 100 Best Seller Books” on Amazon. Dr. Arvinder Singh is the author of this book. This is the first book on creativity and human intelligence written by an Indian author. This book was launched in December 2017 and soon it became the preferred choice of readers. […]

President Appreciation Award

President Appreciation Award

Arth Diagnostics center is honoured with the President Appreciation Award in the category of Service – Medium Enterprise by Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI). This prestigious award was presented to Arth Diagnostics center on the 53rd foundation day of UCCI. UCCI is an industry-managed organization that plays an important role in Rajasthan’s economic […]

Ten Tools To Creative Genius

Ten Tools To Creative Genius Book

In current era, where competition is growing rapidly, creativity and innovation are the most desirable skills of a person. A creative person explores new ways to solve problems. Creativity is a fundamental skill, which helps the person to achieve success in every situation. Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO, and CMD of Arth Diagnostics, Udaipur has […]

First in Advance Digital Marketing Course

First in Advance Digital Marketing

Dr. Arvinder Singh who is a popular pathologist from Udaipur, Rajasthan stood first in advance digital marketing course. He topped among 300 students and also received ‘Best Student Award – 2017’ by Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), Udaipur branch.  Ranks were given to all students according to their performance on various digital marketing strategies […]

Automatic Machine in Hospitals

Selection of Automatic Machine

Today with the advent of digital technology, automatic machines can do work well than human beings. Automatic machine’s use is very essential in hospital and diagnostics fields where the doctors require accurate and quality reports of patients for diagnosing the disease accordingly. Automatic machine gives the reports in just short span of time. It is […]

Importance of life Skills in Education

Importance of Life Skills in Education

According to World Health Organization, Life skills are defined as “The abilities of individuals that help them to face everyday’s life challenges and needs”. Life skills include psycho-social skills, personal skills and interpersonal skills such as problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc. In current education system, books only include theories and concepts. […]

Reduce academic Stress and Pressure

Reduce Academic Stress and Pressure

Generally, all the students from school and college face academic stress and pressure. As we know competition is growing in very fast manner and to achieve success students have to study hard to score excellent marks. However, student can only put efforts from his side and the competition determines the position of the student. Many […]

Life Skills Training by School Cinema

Life Skills Training by School Cinema

Each person faces certain challenges in life due to continuous changing environment. Hence, it is essential for a person to adapt the change to survive and to achieve something valuable in life. Life skills help the person in dealing with complexities of life. Many people face problems due to absence of important life skills.  Fortunately, […]

Success Tips by School Cinema

Success Tips By School Cinema

Human brain appreciates creative images and videos and gets attracted towards them. Videos or movies are particularly creative methods of teaching. Audio-visual has impact on brain functioning. Hence, through movies  people get connected with the story.  People get entertaining and good experience from movies. In addition, films influence psyche and behavior of people and provide right […]

Inspirational Movies for Students

Inspirational Movies for Students

Inspirational movies have great impact on students. It becomes very easy to learn from movies because in movie people get easily involved in the story. They make a strong connection with movie. People relate their problems with the situation showed in the movie. They know what they should to deal with particular situation. Inspirational movies […]