Dr. Singh Has Become Arbitrator

Dr.  Arvinder Singh cleared the exam of “Associated Arbitrator of Charted Institute of Arbitrators, London with 87 percentage. He is the first medical doctor from north India and the second doctor from India, who have qualified the exam and has become an arbitrator. Charted Institute Of Arbitrators is the famous institute in the arbitration field. […]

International Negotiator and Accredited Mediator

International Business Negotiator & Accredited Mediator

Despite being a postgraduate medical doctor, Dr. Arvinder Singh has earned a good name in many fields such as creativity training, intelligence enhancement training, meditation training, etc. Dr. Singh topped the IIM, Indore and secured the gold medal. He scored highest marks in law subject. Dr. Arvinder Singh is also pursuing a law degree from […]

Biofeedback Relaxation Method

Biofeedback Relaxation

Biofeedback relaxation is one of the best meditation methods. Dr Arvinder Singh has introduced interactive guided meditation, which is a biofeedback relaxation method, first time in India. Dr Singh collaborated with Unyte ( a Canadian company) and introduced guided meditation device iom2. This device makes the meditation interesting and engaging by measuring the biological responses. […]

Guided Meditation for Happiness

Guided Meditation

Stress and anxiety occur when we cannot tolerate the pressure or a difficult situation. These problems are faced by all people such as working professionals, students, housewives, etc. because they have to manage various tasks. No medicines can relieve stress and anxiety completely from the root. Only meditation can do this miracle. In the current […]

Mindfulness Meditation to Get Relief from Stress


Researchers have analyzed that stress is the main cause of various diseases. In the current era, most of the persons are living a stressful life. Stress can be occurred due to various reasons such as work-related problems, relationship issues, career problems, family problems, etc.  We can easily get relief from stress however many people do […]

Interactive Meditation in 6 Minutes

Interactive Meditation

Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO, and CMD of Arth Diagnostics brought a unique concept of interactive meditation in India with the help of Unyte Company.  Lacks of focus, stress, depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, etc. problems have seen in people of every age. These problems give an invitation to diseases because the root causes of […]

Dr Arvinder Singh Addressed to CISF Airport Security Force

Global Warming Presentation

Global Warming problem is increasing with the growth of population, pollution, deforestation and industrialization, etc. Effects of global warming are so hazardous. Dr Arvinder Singh, who is the postgraduate medical doctor and an international speaker, gave a presentation on ‘Global Warming and Its Control Measures’ in Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur on 7th July, 2018, […]

Dr Arvinder Singh as Fitness Trainer

Dr Arvinder Singh on Doctors Day

Doctors play a very prominent role in the society. They spend most of their time with patients and handle complex cases. They treat patients and help the patient to come out of stress or depression. Doctors give hope to the patients and patients rely on doctors completely for their treatment. Doctors handle many cases in […]

Ten Tools to Creative Genius Became Bestseller Times Group Books

Bestseller Times Group Books

Dr. Arvinder Singh, who is a postgraduate medical doctor and a creativity trainer, wrote a book on creativity with the name of ‘Ten Tools to Creative Genius’. This innovative book got recognition at national and international level. In just short period of time the creativity book, Ten Tools to Creative Genius has been classified in […]

Dr ArvinderSingh gave information about blood tests by just one blood drop

Diagnosis of Diseases by One Blood Drop

Medical science has made enormous advancement in the 21st century. Medical researchers have developed advance diagnosis equipments, which do many tests by using only a single blood drop. Patients get big relief by this because they do not have to give blood sample many times for different tests. Single Blood Drop to Detect Anemia and Infection […]