Success Tips Interview with Pratyush Patrika

Interview with Pratyush Magazine

Pratyush Magazine is a monthly national news magazine, publishes in Hindi. The magazine covers information about various fields such as business, political, social matter, sports, culture, literature, education, etc. The magazine provides special sections for youth, women and kids. Generally, people read this magazine to fight various competitive exams. Dr Arvinder Singh gave success tips to […]

Creativity Workshop

Creativity Workshop to Increase Mind Power

Excellent intelligence level is important to achieve success in life. Creativity skill helps in increasing intelligence level. Dr Arvinder Singh is CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics. It is one of the best diagnostics centres in which all the modern facilities are available. Today business owners hire the persons who can show creativity in the […]

Intelligence Enhancement with SETP Tool

Intelligence Enhancement is Possible

Dr Arvinder Singh invented and introduced intelligence enhancement tool – Seven Effective Thinking Patterns. Through his research he proved the concept that if the person gets proper systematic training then intelligence enhancement is possible. Intelligence level can be increased range between minimum 30 percentages to more. Dr Arvinder Singh also presented his researches to national […]

Increase Intelligence Quotient With SETP

Intelligence Quotient can be Increased

Dr Arvinder Singh claimed that with Seven Effective Thinking patterns (SETP) tool, the person can increase intelligence quotient level. It is a general belief that IQ and mind, develop in the first five years in human beings. So people believe that after five years IQ level does not develop. However, Dr Arvinder Singh proved it […]

Pathologist Refused Big Salary Package

Big Salary Package Refusal

Dr Arvinder Singh is a known pathologist and he has achieved popularity in medical field by his works. He is the CEO and CMD of Raahat hospital and Arth Diagnostics. He did MBBS and also did MBA in the field of management. When he was doing MBA from IIM, Indore at that same time he […]

Creativity Training Program in Singapore

Creativity Training Program

Creativity is an essential skill and the person must have this skill for solving complex problems. The person can learn creative skills by adopting systematic approach.  Creative thinking also helps in effective decision making. In life, the person has to take various decisions. Therefore, the person has to think out of the box to take […]