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Adult Counselling


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Get Peak Performance, Bright Career, Motivation, Resolve Family Issues & Get Fitness by Adult Counselling By National Award Winner Dr. Arvinder Singh.

Adult counselling and personal coaching are very important for the optimum and progressive career. You must realize that it is not only good career which leads to mental peace but it is the combination of happiness of family, inner satisfaction, physical fitness and emotional fitness. Today many adults are facing problems such as depression, stress, relationship issues, etc. Some adults have potentials to do miracles but they do not do so because they have less confidence.


One can do anything if one has confidence and courage. To attain this, the person just requires counselling from experts to overcome such problems. Many people find it difficult to get up early in morning. They decide daily to get up early from tomorrow. However, each day goes like previous day. Similarly many people feel fear in public speaking. External motivation is essential to solve these kinds of problems.


Adulthood is the stage at which the person has to face various challenges due to increase in responsibilities and pressure from external world. It has been analysed that mostly adults suffer from psychological problems such as depression, hopelessness, loneliness, etc. because they feel hesitate and fear and do not share their issues with others. However, this kind of behaviour makes them weaker from inside. It becomes very difficult to handle the psychological problems in adults. It is the responsibility of adult counsellor to provide effective adult counselling to help them to come out from life problems.


An effective adult counsellor possesses certain characteristics:

  • A professional counsellor is person who has psychological skills and knowledge and the person provides right direction to needy people.
  • The counsellor provides positive motivation to the people so that that they can identify their inner strength.
  • The counsellor assists people to adapt positive behaviour and helps in self-confidence development.
  • Good counsellor possesses communication, listening, problem-solving and decision making skills.

Dr Arvinder Singh, the national award winner has all these characteristics that have made him effective adult counsellor. He is person on whom people can easily trust and can share their problems. He mainly deals with mind of the person. He is popular as mind intelligence trainer. Dr Singh believes that the major motive behind adult counselling is to help the people in trouble. He gives corrective measures so that adults can become mentally as well as physically fit.  Sometimes he meets the person alone who is looking for adult counselling and other times he meets the family members of the person in order to assist them in understanding their responsibilities towards the main person or patient.


Dr Arvinder Singh Provides Adult Counselling For Three Segments:

  • Individual Counselling – In individual counselling, he interacts with the person in the counselling session.
  • Group Counselling – Sometimes problems cannot be easily resolved by meeting that particular person. Because the benefits can only be achieved by group efforts. In group counselling, he meets with the family members of an individual.
  • Couples Counselling – In couples counselling, Dr Singh provides solution for marital and relationship problems. He understands the matter and provides excellent solutions that can be acceptable by couples. He provides counselling for both men and women.


Types of Problems Covered in Adult Counselling

Adult counselling not only solves a single problem but it also helps in dealing with various life challenges. Dr Arvinder Singh provides adult counselling for various reasons that are listed here.

  • Stress, Anxiety, Hopelessness, Loneliness and Depression– Today most of the adults are facing these problems. These emotions make the thinking of the person negative. Adults many get suicidal thoughts due to negative emotions. Many adults do not know how to control emotions. Dr Arvinder Singh provides adult counselling to help them to come out from these harmful emotions or feelings. He helps to build up confidence and positive feelings in the adults.
  • Marital Problems – Dr Arvinder Singh makes the couple to understand the reasons of problems. In the adult counselling session, he understands the perspectives of each person and provides the solution accordingly.
  • Career Problems – Adults may face problems related to their career. They may be facing difficulty in taking right decision for their bright career. In that case they require proper guidance from the expert. Dr Arvinder Singh has conducted various seminars on setting career goals. He has vast experience in this field. Dr Singh can help you to deal with the career related problems.
  • Work-Life Balance – Many adults find difficulty in managing the balance between professional work life and family life. Due to this they find themselves surrounded by other problems such as relationship issues, stress, depression, etc. Dr Arvinder Singh suggests amazing tips in adult counselling so that the person can easily learn how to balance both life parts and can live happily. Adults can get motivation by him and they become more positive.
  • Health Issues – You must have observed that now days many adults are facing problems such as weak memory, low concentration, headache, dizziness, obesity, body weakness, etc. Dr Arvinder Singh provides adult counselling services for all these problems. He suggests right diet plan and exercises to maintain physical health. Dr Arvinder Singh also launched herbal mind booster supplements such as Dr Singh’s Brilliance capsules and Dr Singh’s Brilliance syrup for brain enhancement.



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