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Dr Singh’s Brilliance Capsules



Do you avoid taking important responsibilities because you have habit of forgetting things?  Are you feeling upset because you are not remembering the things at right time?  Are you experiencing the situation in which you forget the concepts while writing exam that you have read well before the exam? If you are considering all these things as normal then you are taking high risk with your life because one small symptom that our body shows to us today may become bigger problem later.  You can stop mind related problems at initial stage with the help of herbal memory booster supplement like Dr. Singh’s Brilliance Capsules.


Mind is the most important part in human body. The mind gives the direction to other body parts. It is very important to keep the mind healthy and active all the time. Today many persons are facing mind related problems such as weak memory, inattentiveness, restlessness, poor retention, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer disease, etc. Even children and young adults are also facing these problems because of certain causes such as poor diet, drugs and alcohol consumption, psychological disorders, etc. The herbal memory booster supplement like Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules are more effective than normal capsules because herbs present in these herbal capsules can remove the problem from their root cause.


This herbal memory booster supplement is a potent solution for the people who are suffering from forgetfulness or weak memory due to aging and other causes. Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules are outstanding memory enhancer supplements that can enhance brain functions and improve memory power speedily.


Product Description


There are so many memory booster supplements available in the market but people who are using them should ensure first the effectiveness of ingredients of those products. The herbs available in Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules are natural mind power enhancers and memory boosters. Herbal experts are using these potent herbs since many decades to treat mood disorders, nervous disorders, behavioural disorders, sleeping disorders and memory disorders. The herbs reduce the deterioration of brain cells. These herbs also help to improve the recalling and learning abilities.


Human brain requires energy and continuous supply of oxygen to work at optimum level. Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules maintain energy level in the mind by providing essential nutrients through herbs. The capsules also improve the blood circulation in the mind and maintain oxygen level. The ingredients present in these memory booster capsules have oxygen carrying capacity. The herbs help in relaxing the brain cells and reduce mental stress. Our mind requires essential numbers of active neurons and neurotransmitters to reduce the chances of memory loss or forgetfulness. Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules maintain active neurons in mind. The capsule has not only memory boosting ability but also brain enhancing property.


Available Ingredients


Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules are loaded with effective mind booster and memory enhancer herbs such as Brahmi ( Bacopa Monnieri), Jatamansi ( Nardostachys Jatamansi ), Shankhpushpi ( Convolvulus Pluricaulis ), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera ), Malkangani (Celastrus Paniculata ), Tagar ( Valeriana Wallichii ), Mandukaparni (Centella Asiatica ) , Vacha (Acorus Calamus ), Mulethi ( Glycyrrhiza Glabra ), Sonth ( Zingiber Officinale), Kali Mirch (Piper Nirum ) and Pippali ( Piper Longum ). These herbal ingredients are the reason behind the power of the Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules.   



  • No Adverse Effects
  • Long Lasting Relief
  • 100 % Herbal Memory Booster and Mind Enhancer Capsules


These memory booster capsules have several benefits that are mentioned here.

  • People get various benefits from this herbal memory booster supplement as they can increase focus and concentration power and can get mental clarity.
  • People who have experienced memory loss problem can also improve the brain functions with the help of Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules.
  • The person who is not facing any memory related problem may also take these herbal brain enhancer capsules to improve cognitive ability and to enhance intelligence.
  • These herbal capsules can be used to reduce stress, mental fatigue, dizziness, depression, anxiety, etc.

As you know Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules are herbal mind booster supplements hence you may not get immediate relief from the problem. You may have to wait for 3 to 4 months to see the positive effects of these capsules in your body.


Direction for Use


For Adults and Children Above the Age 12 – Take two capsules once or twice in a day with water regularly. It is recommended to take these capsules for at least 3 to 4 months to analyze the results. There are no side effects of these herbal memory booster capsules hence you can also take Dr. Singh’s Brilliance capsules for long time.

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