Are you suffering from weak memory problem? Are you finding difficulty in memorizing the concepts? Do you often forget phone numbers, relative’s names, routes, friend’s birthday, car keys, or important documents? Are you exhausted of feeling depressed, stressed, or anxious? Can’t you concentrate on a particular thing for long time? If you are searching effective herbal brain tonic to enhance your mind power, focus and concentration then Dr Singh’s Brilliance Syrup is the right choice for you.

Product Description

Dr Singh’s Brilliance Syrup is one of the best herbal mind booster supplements. This herbal syrup is quite useful for improving memory power and concentration. Dr Singh’s Brilliance Syrup can help in enhancing mind sharpness. Herbal ingredients present in this mind booster syrup are helpful to prevent weak memory, low concentration, low retention power and forgetfulness. The herbs can enhance learning abilities and mental sharpness.

Dr Singh’s Brilliance syrup provides nourishment to brain cells and protect them from damage. Through this herbal brain syrup your creativity will be boosted up and your memory power will also be strengthened. This brain tonic provides various benefits such as improvement in concentration, focus, mind clarity, mental focus and alertness that make this herbal Dr Singh’s Brilliance syrup so potent. The herbs present in this syrup have been used since ancient times to cure mood disorders, nervous system disorders, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Regular use of this Dr Singh’s Brilliance Syrup also helps to prevent premature greying of hairs.

Herbal Ingredients

Dr Singh’s Brilliance syrup is formulated by mixing several mind booster herbs in essential quantity. The major herbs present in this herbal brain stimulant are mentioned here.

Brahmi is a traditional herbal remedy for mental disorders. Mainly this brain tonic helps in enhancing memory power, learning ability and concentration. This herb works as boon for students because they can increase intellect level with the help of this herb. Brahmi herb improves the blood flow in the mind and supplies more nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

Herbal experts use this herb to prevent brain weakness. This brain tonic is widely used to increase mental power and sharpen intellect level. This mind booster herb is also useful in the treatment of problems such as anxiety, stress, loss of memory, lethargy, insomnia, anorexia nervosa, etc.

Researchers found that this herb provides effective results in the treatment of mental diseases such as epilepsy, insomnia, loss of memory, depression, hysteria, etc. Herbal experts also use this mind stimulant to treat hypertension problem.

The herb improves consciousness and also enhances intellect level. This herb can be used to treat various problems such as intellectual disorders, epilepsy, sleeping disorders, goat, rheumatism, etc.

This is a powerful mind booster herb. The herb helps to keep the mind calm and also improves the functioning of respiratory system, central nervous system and digestive system. The herb provides restful sleep and prevents mental problems such as migraine, severe headache, mental fatigue, nervousness, restlessness, etc.

The advantages of this herb are varied and versatile. This mind booster herb is used not only to increase brain power and to enhance memory and concentration but also it gives other magical benefits. This brain herb helps to prevent aging of brain cells and helps in fast recovering of brain functions.

This herb has mind enrichment and antioxidant properties. This natural herb is used with other mind booster herbs for brain improvement. It helps to increase blood circulation in mind and also increases grasping ability of person.

This is a potent mind enhancer herb. This herb has anti-depressant, intellect promoter, neuroprotective, muscle relaxant, stress buster, anti-inflammatory and many other medical properties. Hence, herbal experts use this herb to create herbal supplements to improve physical and mental health of person.

It is an effective memory enhancer herb that can improve cognitive functions. Mandukaparni herb provides long lasting relief from various mental diseases such as low retention power, stress, anxiety, behavioural disorders, lack of concentration, mental fatigue, etc.

These three herbs are present in Dr Singh’s Brilliance syrup because these herbs increase absorption power of the body. The body can absorb all the nutrients available in other brain enhancer herbs properly so that the person can get maximum benefits by the use of this herbal mind enhancer supplement.


  • 100 % Herbal Mind Booster Syrup
  • No Side Effects
  • Long Lasting Relief


  • This brain tonic helps to keep mind calm, active, healthy, relaxed and fresh.
  • Dr Singh’s Brilliance Syrup helps to increase mental alertness, memory power, mind focus and concentration.
  • The mind tonic helps to reduce stress, mood swings, headaches, depression and mental fatigue.
  • Dr Singh’s Brilliance Syrup nourishes brain cells and boosts mind power.
  • Dr Singh’s Brilliance Syrup helps to increase retention power and enhances grasping power.

Direction for Use

For Adults -Take 10 ml dosage of the Dr Singh’s Brilliance Syrup once or twice in a day, as directed by doctor.  Dr Singh’s Brilliance Syrup is particularly made up with potent herbs hence the syrup does not have any side effect.

For Children Above the Age 12 – Take 5 ml dosage of the syrup once or twice in a day, as directed by doctor.

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