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Student Counselling


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Get Top Performance, Self Confidence, Memory Power, Concentration, Motivation, Career Selection, Problem Solving Skills, Creativity through Student Counselling By National Award Winner Dr. Arvinder Singh.


Researchers have analysed that now days many students are facing low concentration, poor academic performance and low motivation problems. Students do not score good marks in exams because they don’t do proper time management.  Mostly students select wrong subjects after passing tenth class and later they face difficulty. They select subjects without considering their interest in the subjects.Student Counselling has become very essential in the present scenario. Each student can show brilliant performance if he or she gets positive motivation.It prepares the students to solve the daily challenges in their academic life and helps them in solving emotional and personal problems.  Student counselling provides valuable guidance in different course selection as well as career goals selection.


Nowadays, students experience tremendous burden because competition is increasing day by day. To become successful they have to match their skills and knowledge with the requirements. Many students face difficulty in doing so and  they feel stressed, depressed and become anxious. Students do not share problems they are facing with their parents, teachers or friends. Such psychological problems give birth to behavioural problems like indiscipline activities, negative mind, nervousness, lack of confidence, etc.


The emotional problems and psychological issues of students should be handled in a smooth way otherwise they may lead to mental disorders.  This condition creates a huge impact on their studies. However, timely attention by professional student counsellors can help them to come out from the problems. Student can become successful and a better person with the help of a expert student counsellor.


Dr Arvinder Singh uses very friendly approach to handle the problems of students.  Students can share their personal problems and academic related problems with him. Dr Singh has good listening skill, communication skill and understand-ability. He has the ability to judge behavioural problems of children and based on that provides recommendations even to parents and teachers. He also suggests medical advice on particular problems wherever required.


Through Student counselling session, the students can develop problem-solving ability and become self motivated to solve their daily issues. Student counselling reduces mental burden and also increases listening ability and concentration power in students. The counselling session increases memory power, improves the academic performance and helps in decision making. The students become confident and polite. They show better disciplined behaviour and maintain good relationship with parents, teachers and peers. Student counselling session helps in maintaining a positive environment around students and provides them peace of mind.


At present, academic is the main reason that creates stress, depression and anxiety among students as well as among parents. Each student is giving efforts to secure high percentage of marks. It has been analysed that many parents expect that their child should get high percentage. When a student tries many times and does not get good marks, he or she becomes depressed. This results in poor performance, learning disabilities, lack of concentration, aggression, indiscipline behaviour, etc in students. Students don’t share their problems openly with their parents, teachers or with friends because of being judged about their character. In order to identify and help the students to achieve peak performance and succeed in life, Dr Arvinder Singh conducts student counselling sessions.


Individual counselling: It is one to one student counselling session, where the students can interact personally with Dr. Singh. A friendly atmosphere is created between the expert and the student in the individual student counselling session. Even the personal problems and difficulties which students are not comfortable to share with their parents or friends can be discussed openly with him. Students can get effective guidance to resolve their problems through this type of student counselling session.


Academic & Behavioural Counselling: This counselling process can be both individual and group counselling where students are provided help to sort out difficulties in their academics. Many students go into depression due to high academic pressure.  This type of student counselling helps to improve learning disabilities of students. Here students’ problems and feedback are taken from teachers and parents to sort out the issues and guidance is provided to all persons based on that.


Career Counselling: In this student counselling session, guidance is provided for the students as well as parents to enhance their decision making skills so that they can set right career goals. This session helps to assess strengths and interests of student in various fields so that student can make bright career.


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