School Cinema

General Problem : It is the general problem that we cannot remember the concepts for long time in our mind that we learned from books in our school days. However we still remember popular dialogues from films that we saw in our childhood days. Although, at that time we did not give proper attention to the film while we were watching it. Have you ever thought why it has happened? Why human brain is storing more information from films? Researchers have proved it that brain is mainly an image processor, not a word processor. Human mind reacts faster for visual learning in comparison to theoretical learning.

Solution : We take immense pride for becoming the partner of Lxl Ideas for presenting School Cinema. School Cinema is mainly a film based module that gives entertaining learning experience. The module helps in entire development of the student. The course is valuable for students, parents and also for educators. School cinema presents many national and international award winning films that are not only entertaining but also inspiring. People can learn and understand the concepts easily from stories. School Cinema presents the stories in dynamic manner. Learning through films gives a visual map of concepts and helps in better understanding rather than reading through books. The films of School Cinema module are based upon how students think, learn, interact and respond to others.

Dr Arvinder Singh takes pride to bring School Cinema in Rajasthan. He is the national award winner and he is also popular as creativity trainer, intelligence trainer and motivator. He is working since long time for life skills development. Now students can easily understand critical life skills with his help.

Learning For School Students

Children between the ages of five and twelve are very creative and imaginative. It is the best time period for development of creativity, thinking ability and imagination. Children learn major life skills during school days. It is proven that they learn faster than adults because they have greater learning capacity and grasping power. Students learn easily from fun activities like while they play in playground, they learn how to make winning strategy through team efforts. They learn how to manage teams and they learn how to manage time and handle failure, motivate team members, etc. School Cinema also used this concept that learning skills can be entertaining. School Cinema teaches essential life skills to students in a very creative manner.

Learning for College Students

College students are neither too mature nor immature. At that time parents think that the child is capable enough to handle any situation. College students see many changes in their life. They are given many responsibilities by parents, teachers and others. They have to handle academic pressure and have to study seriously because after college they will start their career. At that time students face difficulty in maintaining good relationship with parents. They do not know what is right or wrong for them because life gives them many chances. They can pick any chance and get good or bad results accordingly. School Cinema understands the challenges of college students and brings an effective solution for them.

Learning for Parents & Teachers

The responsibility of teachers and parents is very high. They provide right direction to children. Sometimes they face difficulty in maintaining good relationship with children because of thinking differences. Every person cannot understand the things as you are thinking. Parents and teachers have to understand the psychology of children to give them good teaching. Sometimes they also need effective guidance to improve their teaching efforts. School Cinema provides good learning to parents and teachers. They can learn various life skills through the program that can help them to take right action. Teachers can teach in more efficient manner if they learn the thinking pattern of children. It will be also helpful for parents too.


School Cinema program is specially designed to teach various life skills such as positive behaviour, creativity, cooperation, anger management, etc. School cinema received 6 national film awards and 9 international awards. It is presented in more than 250 film festivals. The module contains more than 120 films for school students, college students and also for parents and teachers. The film module also teach important lessons such as environmental awareness, good eating habits, true friendship, Team spirit, self-esteem, kindness etc.

  • Films can be used as educational tool. Films can influence the behaviour and psyche of people.
  • We think that motivational films have huge educational potential.
  • The students can easily relate to the characters and they can learn how to deal with difficult situations. They can also apply learning from films in their personal life.
  • In the films some important skills such as creativity, time management, anger management, team spirit, etc. are discussed. The viewers can learn these skills easily and can also understand their importance in life.
  • School Cinema designed and developed the videos based on the life skills approval by the UNICEF and WHO.
  • The viewers can keep the learning through videos in their mind throughout their life.
  • One student who was inspired by the film ‘Chasing the Rainbow’ decided to start a club to give education to needy people. – Amrita Vidyalam (Principle), Mysore.
  • Teachers gave the feedback that students like to spend more time in classes than before. They take part in classroom activities and also show their creativeness in the class. – Gitanjali Devshala (Principle), Hyderabad.
  • Parents accepted that the concept is interesting, meaningful and innovative. They believe that School Cinema can teach essential values to students that can help in holistic development of child. – Parent, Lovely Public School, New Delhi.
  • Students gave good response and they understood various life values and skills through beautiful videos and improvement are also seen in the performance of students. – Principal, Lilavati Podar School, Mumbai.