How do you feel when you easily win the brain quiz or effortlessly solve a complex puzzle? Definitely, you will feel great because it shows your intelligence and it is the matter of pride. Each person wants to become genius. People expect solution from genius people. However do you think they use magic to discover ideas and to give solution of problem? People praise the work activities of genius people but is there any difference between the brain structure of genius person and of an average person?  If they can create history with intelligence why can’t we?


Of course, we can also become genius like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, etc. It is not illusionary, definitely you can do it. We are 100 % sure that you can increase intelligence level easily.

SETP - Intelligence Enhancement
SETP Training Effects
Seven Effective Thinking Patterns

Success rests on three major pillars- power, fame and money. All persons want to achieve any one of these. People can achieve these goals easily through mind intelligence. It is a general myth that IQ (Intelligence Quotient) cannot be increased after 5 years of age. Dr Arvinder Singh has challenged this myth. After intense research he introduced operational intelligence enhancement tool with the name of “Seven Effective Thinking Pattern” or SETP that can help to boost mind intelligence quotient level. He developed this tool by using management concepts and latest neuroscience. He proved with experiments that SETP tool can increase operational intelligence level minimum 30 percentage and above through 40 hours SETP training program.


Human mind works on seven different thinking patterns. Latest researches show that a genius person can show his full potential because he uses all seven patterns in proper manner. You can easily understand it with the example like in kitchen some people make delicious recipes while some use same ingredients but they make tasteless food. Why? 


One person who is making delicious food has mixed all the required ingredients in proper manner while other person did not do it. Similarly a genius person knows how much creative thinking or emotional thinking is required to take an important decision. This is like art and the person should learn it to become genius. With the help of human intelligence training program a person with average mind can learn how to utilize all these patterns to get optimum results. Government of India has registered the tool and also provided patent to Dr Arvinder Singh for unique invention in human intelligence enhancement field.  Dr Arvinder Singh received national award for this invention.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
- Albert Einstein

Benefits of SETP

  • SETP research information and its effectiveness are published in ‘International Journal of Commerce and Behaviour’ and ‘International Journal of Indian Psychology’.
  • Dr Arvinder Singh proved the value of SETP tool at national and international levels. The authorities applied different validation techniques such as double blind review, validation test and reliability test and finally authenticate this human intelligence enhancement tool.
  • Researchers tested this tool on 250 persons and they received amazing results. They measured the intelligence level of people by internationally approved measuring scale. Researchers found that after training program thinking pattern of people has changed. People gave more practical and effective solutions.
  • In SETP training program, Dr Arvinder Singh also works on various barriers of people such as emotional barrier, thinking barrier, personal barrier, etc which is part of human intelligence enhancement.
  • People learn positive thinking, problem solving, decision making, creativity, emotional mastery, etc. by SETP training program.

  • SETP is an interactive human intelligence enhancement training program in which trainees can clear their doubts on the spot.
  • The training program helps in career selection and gives academic excellence.
  • All age group people can take benefits from the training program. SETP training program is especially beneficial for corporate world, researchers, students and working professionals. People can reduce difficulties of life by using the learning from training program.
  • This human intelligence enhancement tool can teach effective problem solving, critical thinking, negotiation skills and decision making skills.
  • People learn strategic planning to achieve the goals of life.
  • People can enhance cognitive thinking ability and can become creative.
  • People can learn how to control emotions and they can increase the strength of mind. They can learn how to control anger and stress with the help of human intelligence enhancement tool.
  • Dr Arvinder Singh has vast experience in operational intelligence development field. He has conducted various seminars and workshops till today and many people got benefits from SETP training program.