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The word ‘kitchen’ might suggest you that it is a place where food is prepared for the satisfaction of one’s hunger. But on the other hand ‘Spiritual kitchen’ is the place where food is not just prepared for the satisfaction of stomach, but for the satisfaction of spirit and gives mental peace. As stated in the Anna-Brahma concept, Anna means food. Food is compared to the Brahman that is the galaxy. Food is the lord of creation. From food, seeds were produced and from seed we were formed. Food is immortal as Brahman created it before he manifested death. The food consumed by the body is shared by the deities present inside all of our organs and it helps in digestion of the same. Food is considered as an important part of Hinduism as it is offered to ancestors during rituals, to deities in temples, to poor and needy as a part of charitable services, served to animals and birds as a part of religious duties, etc. Mental peace can be attained by consuming food which is full of positive vibrations. Ayurveda clearly proves that food and water are the elements that have some vibration energy inside them.


You see, when a food is prepared and kept in a negative environment, it will capture negative vibrations which, in one way or other, will harm us. Whereas, when food is prepared in a positive environment, it will catch positive vibrations and help us attain peace and spiritual pleasure. Spiritual Kitchen follows the same principle.The concept of ‘prasad’ in Hinduism works in the same way. A certain amount of food is kept at the place of worships in a positive environment and later is distributed in the devotees. This food radiates positivity. Dr Arvinder Singh has used this concept to spread positivity with the help of food. In spiritual kitchen, food with high vibration value is prepared in an environment full of ‘mantra’ chanting, positive vibrations and spiritual vapors. Moreover, it is prepared in utensils, which helps in providing them enormous amount of health concerning elements. The food prepared in spiritual kitchen is minutely observed and selected for the well being of an individual. It is not only healthy but also tasty in every aspect.

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