Simple Difference Between Aura and Chakra

Nowadays, people have become familiar with the terms of aura and chakras. Human aura chakra reading gives a solution to many of our life problems. It guides us to prevent problems and achieve success easily. Aura and chakras are two major components of the human energy body. Both the terms are frequently used together. However, […]

Magic of Positive Aura

How Can A Positive Aura Make You Successful?

How many times it happens that we interact first time with a person and at the same time we become an admirer of that person. Even before the person says a single word, we want to follow that person and work with him/her. Those persons achieve great success in every field, whatever they do. This […]

What Happen When Your Throat Chakra is Blocked?

What Happen When Your Throat Chakra is Blocked?

Have you ever felt lost of words? After the conversation you may have realized that you could have said that but you didn’t. But the moment has passed, the discussion is over, the opportunity is lost. An inability to communicate truly, honestly, clearly and openly can be due to problem in throat chakra. The throat […]