What Happen When Your Throat Chakra is Blocked?

What Happen When Your Throat Chakra is Blocked?

Have you ever felt lost of words? After the conversation you may have realized that you could have said that but you didn’t. But the moment has passed, the discussion is over, the opportunity is lost. An inability to communicate truly, honestly, clearly and openly can be due to problem in throat chakra.

Know by Throat Chakra by 3D Kirlian Photography

The throat chakra is the 5th chakra, which also known as ”Vishuddha chakra”. This chakra is located in the throat below the thyroid gland. This chakra is mainly responsible for communication, creative expression and to be honest while communicating with others. The throat chakra is one of the important chakras because this chakra helps us to achieve success in our life.  We may lose many opportunities if we fail to express ourselves effectively.

If your throat chakra is open and balanced then you can express yourself honestly and clearly in any situation with full confidence. Balanced throat chakra helps in many aspects of your life. On the other side, if your throat chakra is blocked, underactive or overactive then you can experience these below-mentioned symptoms that show that your throat chakra is not functioning at its optimal level.

Problems due to Blocked Throat Chakra

Symptoms of Underactive, Overactive or Blocked Throat Chakra

Blockage of energy flow in this chakra can affect your health at physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels.

  • You may find yourself unable to speak your truth.
  • You often speak negative about yourself and others.
  • Blocked throat chakra holds you back to express your needs and desires.
  • You may face physical issues such as a sore throat, dental issues, neck pain, laryngitis, earaches, and thyroid problems.
  • You find it hard to use the right words to express yourself and most of the time you get stuck. Hence, you are often misinterpreted or misunderstood by others.
  • You find it difficult to relax.
  • Fear of public speaking, shyness, detachment, inconsistent in speech, stubbornness, etc. are also common signs of the blocked throat chakra.
  • Each of our 7 chakras works together to create and maintain an optimal life. If your throat chakra is severely blocked then it will also affect the functioning of other chakras.

If you are also facing similar symptoms then you need to balance your throat chakra.

How Can We Know About Our Throat Chakra?

3D Kirlian photography or 3D Aura Chakra Photography is an excellent method to know the status of all of our chakras in a crystal clear 3D view. One of the best attributes of 3D Kirlian photography is that it also suggests activities to restore the energy balance.

Know About Your Throat Chakra by 3D Aura Chakra Photography

Do you want to get more success and happiness in your life?

3D Kirlian photography is the best method to achieve that. It gives you information about your nature, interests, strengths, abilities, weaknesses, best career options, social life, etc. Chakra reading is an ancient method which can help to know many hidden facts about you.

The good news is 3D Kirlian photography is available in Rajasthan, India. Dr. Arvinder Singh does 3D aura chakra photography. He also explains the 3D aura chakra report to people.

Attract More Opportunities in Your Life by Balancing Your Throat Chakra

You can attract more opportunities, more love, good health and happiness in your life by balancing the throat chakra. You can fully enjoy your personal and professional life by balancing all of your chakras.

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