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Tips for Weight Reduction and Body Fitness

In the last article I mentioned ‘the slimmer you are, the better you are’. Of course fitness cannot be measured just by weight reduction, but we have to accept it that it is a major element. Now, diet charts, as I said earlier, may lead to dark circles, skin reduction, itchiness, hair loss, etc. So what would be the effective and healthy key points for weight reduction?

Weight Reduction Tips

Here are the 10 things to keep in mind, if you’re planning for weight loss without any side effects.

  1. Measured Portions– this one says that the serving we are going to intake should be carefully measured and controlled. One should resist the urge to finish everything on the plate. Portions can be controlled if we observe nutrition labels, carefully measure out servings, eat only one helping, and use smaller dishes. While we leisurely enjoy a 500 ml Grande Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks, the fact which goes unnoticed is that it adds up to 380 calories (one hour of walk) and a typical muffin to 150 gms and 500 calories.

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2. Thoughtful Eating– before heading straight to the pantry and relishing all those confectionaries, ask one question to yourself: Do I eat when I am bored, stressed, tired and sometimes even when I’m full? If yes, then it’s time to do the ‘thoughtful eating’. ‘Why’ before cream pie.

Weight Reduction


Weight Reduction Easy Tips

3. Work out time– Apparently, it is quite important to exercise if one wishes to reduce weight. More than 94% of participants in the National Weight Control Registry increased their efforts to lose weight. In fact, some also reported walking for atleast an hour per day. And people who dropped their fitness programs put on pounds. Meanwhile, a resistance training program is recommended to preserve lean tissue and maintain metabolic rate.

4. Weighing machine in action– It is advisable to keep a good track of weight on a proper interval of time which doesn’t mean that you should get obsessed with your weight and repeatedly aim for the nearest 0.01 Kilograms but weighing once a week is really beneficial. This way you can identify small weight increases in time to take proper corrective actions.


5. Hello to breakfast– We often think that skipping meals and particularly skipping breakfast is a good alternative for weight reduction. Evidently it’s not. Research suggests that breakfast eaters weigh less and suffer from fewer chronic diseases than the non breakfast eaters.

6. To-do food- Just like to-do list, we should also have a to-do food which means monitoring our diet. While, some people may find it tedious, keeping a food log is a highly effective and proven strategy.

Weight Reduction Some More Easy Tips

7. Switch the TV off– most of the people munch on those snacks while completely mesmerized in the television avoiding the rapidly multiplying calorie intake. Watching television while eating is very harmful as being completely sedentary expends minimal calorie and also distracts us from keeping a command on the food intake.

Weight Reduction Tips


8.Forget tomorrow, start right now– procrastination is our favorite habit which comes in our weight loss plan too. It becomes ‘easy’ to cheat and grab that extra piece of cake or the pizza buffet there. People who do not give themselves a day or two off to cheat are 150% more likely to maintain their weight loss. Encourage yourself to adopt a healthy lifestyle that you can stick with. So that you don’t unwittingly sabotage your weight management success.

9. Friend in need, friend indeed a study of 12000 people followed over 30 years concluded that obesity spread through social ties which means obese people tend to have obese friends. The study author suspects that spread of obesity has a lot to do with an individual’s general perception regarding obesity. If my best friend and sister are both obese then I love them the same.

10. Being optimistic– researches suggests that people who have a positive behavior towards life that is, they have perceived control, positive expectations, empowerment, a fighting spirit, and a lack of helplessness are more successful at losing weight. Dr Arvinder Singh has introduced weight management training program that can help in weight reduction.

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