AIIMS Delhi has extended an invitation to Dr. Arvinder Singh for a Seminar

Dr. Arvinder Singh, CEO of Arth Group, is set to conduct a seminar on Medical Law at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi. The seminar, organized for the All India Pathology Conference, is made possible through the invitation of the esteemed diagnostic company TransAsia. Dr. Singh emphasizes the crucial role of medical law knowledge in the current healthcare landscape.


The seminar will cover key aspects of medical law, including the Consumer Protection Act, National Medical Commission, etc. Dr. Singh underscores the importance of accurate understanding of medical law, stating that it facilitates the delivery of high-standard treatment to patients. Adhering to the standards set by the National Medical Commission and Quality Council of India enables the provision of quality treatment at reasonable rates, ensuring both medical excellence and legal compliance.


Dr. Singh expresses the view that a comprehensive grasp of medical law not only streamlines the process of delivering quality healthcare but also ensures medical safety from a legal perspective. The seminar aims to empower medical professionals with the knowledge necessary to navigate the legal intricacies of the healthcare system.

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