Medical Negligence

Recognising Medical Negligence: A More Detailed Examination of Its Effects

Medical negligence is a serious issue with potentially devastating repercussions. The phrase is frequently used to refer to inadvertent mistakes or shortcomings in healthcare. This article explores the complex facets of medical negligence, illuminating how it affects patients, medical staff, and the healthcare system as a whole.   What Constitutes Medical Negligence? Medical negligence, commonly [...]

Prioritizing Safety: Precautions While Handling Patients by Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare workers must prioritize infection control, safety, and patient care. These safeguards protect healthcare staff and patients, creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Infection prevention starts with good hand hygiene. Healthcare workers must wash their hands before and after patient contact, after touching potentially contaminated surfaces, and between jobs. Infections are reduced by this practice. PPE: [...]
Healthcare Branding in a Digital First World

Beyond the Stethoscope: Innovating Healthcare Branding in a Digital-First World

The evolution of the digital landscape has dramatically altered the approach to branding, especially in the healthcare sector. The advent of new technologies and shifting consumer behaviours present unique challenges for healthcare professionals in establishing and maintaining their brand identity. In this blog, we delve into why branding for healthcare professionals is particularly demanding in [...]
Dr. Arvinder Singh Honored with Inspiring Business Leader Award

Dr. Arvinder Singh Honored with Inspiring Business Leader Award

Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO of Arth Group and Double World Record Holder, has been bestowed with the “Inspiring Business Leader Award” in Delhi. This prestigious accolade was presented to him by renowned actress Jacqueline Fernandes and senior leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa. Dr. Singh received this recognition for his exemplary leadership qualities, business acumen, and […]

Dr. Arvinder Singh Motivational Speech at VIFT Udaipur

Dr. Arvinder Singh’s Motivational Speech at VIFT, Udaipur

Dr. Arvind Singh, CEO & CMD of Arth Group and a renowned motivational speaker, shared some profound words of wisdom during his address to the students of VIFT. He emphasized that one should not let circumstances dictate there path in life. Just as a broken star remains in the sky and doesn’t fall to the […]

face shaping techniques in India | face shaping treatments in India

Enhance Your Beauty: Exploring Face Shaping Techniques in India

The face is the focal point of the body, the primary area where people naturally direct their attention when identifying someone. It also acts as a canvas which reflects the identity and personality. Our appearance is one of the important determining factor for self-esteem and self-assurance. In India, where beauty and self-expression have deep cultural [...]
Dr Arvinder Singh Motivational Speech at Rotary Club Udaipur

Dr Arvinder Singh’s Motivational Speech at a Seminar Hosted By Rotary Club on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Make your shortcomings your strength, success will kiss your feet: Dr. Arvinder Singh Rotary Club Mewar recently organized a one-day provincial seminar focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This event took place on a Sunday at the Radisson Green Hotel and featured renowned motivational speakers, including Dr. Arvinder Singh, Mukesh Mahatma, and Mekhala Bhowmik as [...]
Dr. Arvinder Singh Seminar on the Medicolegal Realities of Cosmetic Gynaecology

Beauty and Medical Law – Dr. Arvinder Singh Seminar on the Medicolegal Realities of Cosmetic Gynaecology

A groundbreaking seminar unfolded in the vibrant city of Jaipur, delving deep into the often-neglected medicolegal dimensions of cosmetic gynaecology. Dr. Arvinder Singh, the esteemed figure at the helm of Arth Group, graced the event with his wisdom and expertise. This thought-provoking seminar was thoughtfully organized by two luminaries in their respective fields: Dr. Sourabh [...]