Dr Arvinder Singh appointed as the international brand ambassador

CEO of the Arth group, Dr Arvinder Singh has been appointed as the international brand ambassador for South Korea’s one of the leading brands Calista for the application of the best laser for fat reduction. Bringing Udaipur its first and latest non-invasive methods to lose fat, Dr Singh has again proven his dedication to serve society with latest technological advancements. Now the finest and safest non surgical methods to lose fat are available in Udaipur for the first time. It will now be possible for you to achieve your desired body shape and contours. Fat from different areas of the body like stomach, love handles, thighs and even double chin can now be removed using non-surgical methods of fat reduction. By deploying the laser wavelength of 1060 nm, stubborn fat from any area of your body can be removed successfully and safely. The most effective wavelengths that only target and destroy fat cells are used to help you get rid of such unwanted pockets of fat. Fat reduction through non-invasive methods are very useful in helping you get your desired figure.

Certificate and awards of Dr. Arvinder Singh