Dr Arvinder Singh Arth Skin and Fitness Made Record of Maximum LASER Hair Removal in South Rajasthan

Arth Skin and Fitness made a record More than 2000 people got freedom from unwanted hair.

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Dr. Arvinder Singh
MBBS, MD (Gold Medalist)
Clinical Cosmetic Dermatologist (Canada)
Trained and Certified by American Association and American Council (USA) in Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetology.
Fellowship in Facial Aesthetics & Clinical Cosmetology (Sweden & Germany).

23 years of experience

CEO Arth Group (Arth Skin and Fitness

and Arth Diagnostic)

Phone:+91 8559855945

Rajasthan Icon 2022 Award to Dr. Arvinder singh
Dainik Navjyoti Dr Arvinder Singh News 2 april 2022
Dr Arvinder Singh Rajasthan Icon 2022 Award
Dr. Arvinder Singh of Earth honored with Rajasthan Icon-22 Award
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Award to Dr Arvinder Singh
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