Dr. Arvinder Singh honored by Health Minister for Double World Record

CEO & CMD of Arth Group Dr. Arvinder Singh got honored in Jaipur by Rajasthan Health Minister Prasadi Lal Meena and Minister of State for Technology Dr. Subhash Garg for his achievement of creating two world records within a year.


Dr. Arvinder Singh recently set a world record by crossing the dangerous Khardungla Pass in Leh Ladakh on a quad bike with 80 percent disability. Entered the World Book of Records, London as the first and only 80% physically challenged person to do this challenging and adventurous feat.


Dr Arvinder Singh is a sole recipient of a Gold Medal at the renowned Indian Institute of Management (IIM), one of India’s most prestigious management institutes. These awards are the testimonials of his undivided focus, relentless determination, and exceptional intelligence. With his strong determination and willpower, he was able to achieve everything which he desired. 


Along with impressive academic credentials, he also carved his bravery in adventure sports also. With 80% physical impairment he achieved the milestone of becoming the first person to engage in deep sea scuba diving, accomplishing this remarkable feat in the Maldives. Also, he has been honoured with a state Gold Medal in pistol shooting in the para category, showcasing his exceptional talent and determination in sports. His achievements depict nothing can stop him from accomplishing his goals. 


Dr Arvinder Singh is famed for the title of an International Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist, garnering recognition and admiration from the Governors of Rajasthan, Assam, and Maharashtra in recent times. Along with that, he has been bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Cosmetic Dermatologist by both the Chief Minister and Health Minister of Rajasthan.


Because of his outstanding achievements and expertise, he was invited as a TEDx Speaker, where he delivered an inspiring and thought-provoking lecture. His story inspired millions of people in the world and makes people believe in themselves. In an era where people are finding excuses for not being able to achieve their goals, he defeated his disabilities and achieved extraordinary goals. 


Dr Arvinder Singh’s achievements serve as fascinating proof to the nation that abiding determination empowers individuals to defeat toughest obstacles. Nothing can stop you if you dream big and have will power to achieve your goals. Be it academic excellence or adventurous excellence, Dr Singh has marked his presence in every field.

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Dr. Arvinder Singh honored by Health Minister for double world record | Dr Arvinder News in Pratahkal

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Dr. Arvinder Singh honored by Health Minister for double world record | Dr Arvinder News in Dainik Navajyoti

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Dr. Arvinder Singh honored by Health Minister for double world record | Dr Arvinder News in Jaipur Mahanagar Times

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