Dr. Arvinder Singh Honored by Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister

Dr. Arvinder Singh, CEO and CMD of Arth Group, was recently honored by the Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Shri Premchand Bairwa, for his remarkable contributions to the fields of medicine and education. The prestigious honor was bestowed upon Dr. Singh during a function for academicians held in Jaipur.


The Deputy Chief Minister applauded Dr. Singh’s exceptional achievements, including setting Double World Records, receiving recognition from the British Parliament, being awarded the Global Master Mind Award in Singapore, and his groundbreaking work in Arth Diagnostic and Arth Skin and Fitness centre in Udaipur.

Dr. Singh’s inclusion in the list of 100 Best of India further underscores his outstanding professional accomplishments and dedication to his field.


During the event, Dr. Singh shared his valuable insights on crucial topics such as the education system in Rajasthan, Arth’s contributions to the field of medicine, and the training of healthcare workers in communication and medical law.


This esteemed recognition from the Deputy Chief Minister serves as a testament to Dr. Singh’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his tireless efforts in advancing medical knowledge and improving healthcare education.


The entire team at Arth takes immense pride in Dr. Singh’s achievements, and this honor further motivates them to continue their pursuit of excellence in providing top-notch healthcare services and educational initiatives.

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