Dr Arvinder Singh Motivational Speech at Rotary Club Udaipur

Make your shortcomings your strength, success will kiss your feet: Dr. Arvinder Singh

Rotary Club Mewar recently organized a one-day provincial seminar focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This event took place on a Sunday at the Radisson Green Hotel and featured renowned motivational speakers, including Dr. Arvinder Singh, Mukesh Mahatma, and Mekhala Bhowmik as the main speakers.


During his speech at the seminar, Dr. Arvinder Singh emphasized the importance of self-awareness and turning one’s weaknesses into strengths to achieve success in life. He pointed out that the government’s Disability Act of 2016, while well-intentioned, lacks effective implementation and action.


Dr. Singh urged the audience not to perceive individuals with disabilities as different but to provide them with equal opportunities. He stressed the need to focus on their abilities rather than their limitations and encouraged the removal of any biases or preconceived notions about people with disabilities.


Mukesh Mahatma, another prominent speaker at the event, emphasized the significance of diversity, participation, and inclusion in both corporate and non-corporate organizations. He emphasized the distinction between equity and equality, stating that facilities and support should be provided to those who genuinely require them. He also highlighted the importance of ensuring equal participation of employees in institutional events and leveraging the diverse experiences and ideas of a workforce. He underscored the idea that no one should be underestimated.


The seminar also featured Mekhala Bhowmik, who shared her insights on the subject.


Adding a touch of entertainment to the event, the Creative Art and Performing Maulik Group captivated the audience with a comedy play titled “Tender of Taj Mahal.”


Dr. Nirmal Kunawat, the manager, expressed his belief in the seminar’s benefits for the attendees. Club patron Hansraj Choudhary inducted three new members, Dr. Prashant Maheshwari and Dr. Siddharth Jain, into the club and administered their oath.


Club President Mukesh Gurani opened the event by welcoming the guests and sharing his thoughts on the seminar’s theme. The program was skillfully conducted by Dr. Lokesh Jain, and Secretary Anup Jambani expressed his gratitude at the conclusion of the seminar.


The event witnessed the presence of former Manager Ramesh Chaudhary, Sandeep Singhatwadia, Ashish Harkawat, as well as presidents and secretaries from various Rotary clubs and their members.