Dr. Arvinder Singh will Teach AI to Healthcare Professionals

The significance of acquiring knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds immense value for healthcare professionals. The transformative impact of AI ranges from elevating patient care to academic endeavours such as achieving higher grades, creating captivating presentations, and crafting impactful theses.


The inception of the International Medical Board for Business Skills (IMBBS) addresses a recurring void within the medical curriculum. Dr. Arvinder Singh highlighted that the International Medical Board is committed to reshaping medical professionals into comprehensive leaders proficient in both healing and healthcare entrepreneurship.


This commitment is exemplified through a curriculum encompassing artificial intelligence, finance, medical law, branding, marketing, strategic planning, and various other essential components. Through harnessing AI-driven analytics, healthcare providers can enhance the precision of diagnoses, anticipate patient outcomes, and customize treatment plans. This advancement contributes to elevating the quality of patient care to new heights.


As the CEO, CMD, and Founder of the Arth Group of Companies based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Dr Singh has achieved notable success by establishing five thriving healthcare enterprises on both national and international fronts. Dr. Arvinder has earned awards for his outstanding contributions to business excellence, including prestigious titles such as Business Leader of the Year, Young Entrepreneur, and Innovator in Business Excellence.


He has showcased a remarkable aptitude for establishing businesses from the grassroots level, accumulating a substantial net worth in the multi millions. In the corporate landscape, he has held prominent roles including Vice President and National Head at renowned organisations such as Piramal Group, Mumbai, and Dr. Lal PathLabs, Delhi.


Dr. Arvinder Singh is exceptionally suited to educate healthcare professionals in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. His years of experience, strong managerial skills and profound insights into healthcare make him an ideal candidate to share valuable knowledge with professionals in the healthcare industry.