Importance Of Negotation Skills For Successful Business - Dr. Arvinder

Dr. Arvinder Singh, Arth’s CEO and holder of two world records, recently delivered an insightful lecture during the Rotary Means Business Workshop on Negotiation. Dr. Singh emphasized the pivotal role of negotiation skills in driving successful business transactions.


During his discourse, Dr. Singh underscored the significance of ensuring the consent and satisfaction of all parties involved in negotiations. He stressed that understanding the needs and perspectives of the other party is paramount, as overlooking these factors may lead to complications post-deal closure.


Furthermore, Dr. Singh advocated for flexibility during negotiations, cautioning against rigidity which could potentially escalate tensions and hinder deal progress. He emphasized the importance of mutual respect and thorough preparation when engaging in negotiations.


The Rotary Means Business Workshop organizers, including President Mr. Mukesh Gurrani, Vice President Dr. Rekha Soni, and Secretary Bhaskar D Garg, extended their appreciation to Dr. Singh for his enlightening session by presenting him with a token of gratitude.

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