Get Rajasthan’s Best Botox Therapy By Dr Arvinder Singh, An Expert In Advanced Facial Injectables.

As the days pass, our skin gets older and loses its elasticity. Wrinkles and fine lines are the most common ways through which our skin appears to age. Fine lines on foreheads and around the eyes called crow’s feet, start to appear permanent. These wrinkles and fine lines are formed due to repetitive contraction of the underlying facial musculature. Botox treatment in Rajasthan for wrinkles is available at Arth Skin and Fitness which is famously used among models and celebrities to remove wrinkles and the aging effects of time on the skin.

Thread lifting is a non-surgical procedure that is performed to make the sag appearance of the skin reduce and disappear. Thread lifting is very famous and one of the most sought-after treatments among celebrities and models due to its ability to give longer-lasting and outstanding results. Thread lifting for skin tightening is best for the sagging parts of the body including:

Cosmetic botox is an FDA-approved medical-grade treatment that has been used to treat fine lines, facial wrinkles, and crow’s feet for some time now.

Dr. Arvinder Singh, CEO of the Arth group, has been certified in Advanced Facial Injectable by the International Academy of Aesthetic training, Sweden.
By using his expertise he is able to render his clients excellent and desire-oriented results.

There are various causes of wrinkles, aging is one of the most common ones of them.


  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Frown lines

Botox treatment for wrinkles is now available in Udaipur, only at Arth skin and fitness.
It is India’s first and only Quality Accreditation institute certified center in the field of skin and fitness. The Arth group is trusted by people for its consistent efforts to render its clients quality services. Visit Arth Skin and Fitness today to get world-class medical treatments from Internationally and Nationally certified Skin Experts and Doctors like the CEO of the Arth group, Dr. Arvinder Singh. Say goodbye to various cosmetic problems like wrinkles and fine lines with the best botox treatment now available in Udaipur, Rajasthan only at Arth skin and fitness.

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Trained and Certified by American Association and American Council (USA) in Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetology.
Fellowship in Facial Aesthetics & Clinical Cosmetology (Sweden & Germany).

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