weight loss and body shaping treatment in udaipur,

What is Body Countouring / Body Shaping

It is a procedure used to get rid of extra fat and skin and reshape the desired area. It is an amazing way to reshape your body. The best thing about body shaping procedures is that it helps to target specific areas where weight loss plans fail to act. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive way to get your dream body. It’s like sculpting your body the way you want.

How Arth Skin and Fitness’ Body Shaping procedure works

Arth offers you several ways to remove stubborn pockets of fat, without the use of any needles or surgery!

  • Accent Prime

Advantage of this procedure is that it helps you lose 2-6 inches of Fat in just one sitting. The deployed technology of Alma lasers features a patented combination of longitudinal and transverse waves, which selectively target fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. The transverse wave vibrations break fat cell membranes further leading to gradual breakdown and release of stored fat.  These damaged Fat cells get disposed of from the body through the lymphatic system. In simple words, the heat generated through this method breaks down fat cells, which get disposed of from the body through the body’s lymphatic system. This method in no way harms any surrounding skin or tissue.

  • Laser Lipolysis

This is another advanced technology for fat reduction incorporated at Arth Skin and Fitness, that is both painless and non-invasive. This FDA approved method is loved among clinical aestheticians for its ability to remove fatty tissue with amazing results. It’s a minimally invasive technology that enhances body shape and tightens your skin.  It is a quick method to lose fat with zero downtime. Using this method, Nationally and Internationally certified  cosmetologists at Arth give you your desired body shape.

Why chose non-invasive fat reduction methods over traditional methods

  • No downtime: or recovery period associated, i.e. after just few minutes of your session you can go on with your business as usual
  • No scars or abrasionsbecause these methods are non-invasive/ minimally invasive or non surgical, as in, they leave no ugly scars behind. Hence, unless you tell someone that you got the procedure, they wouldn’t know!
  • No sagging of the skin: it is well known that after an invasive and legacy procedure like Liposuction, the skin gets loose and takes an ugly appearance. The methods deployed by Arth simultaneously tightens your skin to ensure your beauty isn’t compromised.
  • Skin tightening: the methods utilized by Arth Skin and Fitness are effective and desire oriented. It’s use of advanced technology ensures you optimal results. Using the radio frequency technology of Accent prime, the procedure of skin tightening is done, which ensures formation of new collagen that improves skin thickness and alignment. Giving you better looking skin with apparent and appreciable results.
  • Less painfulall these procedures are loved among their users for being so handy and less painful than the traditional methods. All these methods give you optimal results without  any pain.

For skin tightening, Arth uses the world’s top Alma Laser technology, which uses dielectric heating where the power of radio frequency is used to create uniform heat throughout the targeted area. This FDA approved technology of Alma Lasers has proven clinical achievements and impeccable safety records while at the same time ensuring effective and desired results.

What makes Arth Skin and Fitness the best aesthetic clinic in Udaipur for body contouring and skin tightening.

  • Advanced technology of ACCENT PRIME is used at Arth. It is Alma’s top-of-the-line workstation for body contouring, skin tightening and aesthetic enhancement. It uses the combined power of radio frequency and ultrasound, which gives you effective and long lasting results.
  • The expertise of finest aestheticians and cosmetologists is used, which ensures safe procedures and comfort to the patients.

Getting in shape has never been this painless and quick. Medically supervised and overseen by skilled and expert cosmetologists, Arth Skin and Fitness, Udaipur provides you with excellent face shaping, body shaping and skin tightening services.

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