"Legal Mastery for Medicos"

Medical Law and Ethics Course in India

For doctors, healthcare professionals, lawyers, and organizations seeking mastery of medical law and ethics in India, this course offers in-depth learning guided by experts.

About The Course

For those who seek to master the intersection of medicine and the legal system, the “Legal Mastery for Medicos: Medical Law and Ethics Course in India” offers an invaluable opportunity for in-depth exploration and learning.


This course is one of the top medical law courses for doctors in India, offered by the prestigious International Medical Board for Business Skills under the guidance of Dr. Arvinder Singh (MBBS, LLB, Oxford Alumni & MBA IIM Gold Medalist), is tailor-made for a diverse audience, including doctors, healthcare professionals, lawyers, and healthcare organizations. It serves as a beacon of knowledge and guidance, illuminating the important aspects of medical law and ethics in the unique context of India’s healthcare landscape.


At its core, this medico legal course for doctors in India delves into the intricate realm of healthcare law and regulations, equipping participants with indispensable resources to navigate the legal intricacies of healthcare practice. It commences with an insightful introduction to the Indian legal framework, offering a comprehensive overview of the nation’s legal system and an exploration of the significance of law in healthcare. Subsequently, the course delves into the ethical dimensions of medical practice, addressing the principles of medical ethics and their intersection with the law.

Course Syllabus

  • Overview of the Indian legal system
  • Interpretation of Statutes
  • Importance of law in healthcare
  • Principles of Medical Ethics
  • Intersection of Medical Ethics and Law
  • Definition and types of medical negligence
  • Case studies and legal precedents
  • Types of Consent and Informed Consent
  • Legal requirements for obtaining consent
  • Legal consequences of breaching confidentiality
  • Importance of proper documentation
  • Legal aspects of medical records
  • Legal framework for telemedicine in India
  • Data protection and privacy issues
  • Importance and types of medical malpractice insurance
  • Legal procedures involved
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • State Medical Councils
  • The Consumer Protection Act, 2019
  • The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010
  • The Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994
  • Relevant Laws
  • Indian Penal Code (IPC)
  • The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971
  • The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940
  • The Mental Health Act, 1987
  • The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985
  • The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994
  • The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006
  • The Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016
  • The Information Technology Act, 2000 (for digital health and telemedicine)
  • The Right to Information Act, 2005 (for patient rights)

Benefits of the course

Legal Mastery for Medicos: Medical Law and Ethics

For Healthcare Professionals and Organizations

Healthcare professionals will gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework, allowing them to make informed decisions and practice medicine within legal boundaries.
Knowledge of medical ethics and law ensures that healthcare professionals maintain the highest ethical standards while complying with legal requirements.
Understanding patient rights and relevant laws empowers healthcare professionals to advocate for their patients’ rights and well-being.
Doctors and healthcare organizations can reduce the risk of medical malpractice lawsuits by implementing proper consent procedures, maintaining confidentiality, and ensuring accurate medical documentation.
Healthcare professionals can specialize in healthcare law or compliance, opening up new career opportunities in healthcare management and legal consulting.
Healthcare professionals can better manage medical malpractice insurance, ensuring they have appropriate coverage and can navigate legal procedures more effectively.
Knowledge of patient rights and confidentiality fosters trust with patients, who are assured of their privacy and legal protection.
Understanding regulatory bodies and licensing requirements helps healthcare organizations maintain compliance with the law, ensuring smooth operations.
medical law courses for doctors in india

For Lawyers

Lawyers will gain in-depth knowledge of the legal framework governing healthcare in India, allowing them to provide better legal counsel to healthcare organizations and professionals.
This course equips lawyers with a deep understanding of medical negligence, consent issues, and patient confidentiality, making them well-prepared to handle medical malpractice cases.
Lawyers will become adept at guiding healthcare organizations through the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring they adhere to laws and regulations, such as those related to medical records and data protection.
Lawyers can specialize in healthcare law, expanding their practice areas and increasing their demand as legal experts in the healthcare sector.
With knowledge of relevant acts and laws, lawyers can effectively represent healthcare professionals and organizations, ensuring their legal rights and responsibilities are protected.
medical law and ethics course in india for lawyers

This medical law online course in India provides a valuable interdisciplinary perspective, bridging the gap between medical practice and the legal framework, benefitting both healthcare professionals and legal experts. Enroll today to broaden your understanding of healthcare laws and ethics, and ensure you're well-prepared for the complex legal challenges in the medical industry.

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Perks of enrolling in this Course

Dr. Arvinder Singh (MBBS, MD)

– LLB | Oxford Alumni & MBA IIM Gold Medalist
– Qualified Legal Arbitrator from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London
– Commercial Mediator & Arbitrator from Indian Institute of Arbitration
– TEDx Speaker and World Record Holder in Academic Excellence

Meet Dr. Arvinder Singh, your guide and mentor on the journey of mastering the intricate intersection of medicine and the legal system. With over 23+ years of rich and diverse experience, Dr. Singh is a distinguished authority in the realm of healthcare, law, and ethics.

As a postgraduate medical doctor, he possesses a rare distinction of being the sole medical professional to be awarded a gold medal in MBA from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and holds certification from Oxford University in the United Kingdom. This multifaceted background equips him with a remarkable skill set that encompasses both the medical and business aspects of healthcare.

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Medical Law Expert | Medical Law Trainer | Dr Arvinder Singh

For those seeking to bolster their knowledge and expertise in the intricate field of medical law and ethics, this course stands out as one of the premier medico legal courses in India, offering a comprehensive exploration of healthcare legal risks. Whether you are a medical professional, lawyer, or healthcare organization representative, the insights and skills gained from this medical law and ethics course will not only enhance your competence but also uphold the highest standards of medical practice and ethical responsibility in India's diverse and dynamic healthcare sector. Enroll today and embark on a journey towards legal mastery in the realm of medicine in India.

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This is the best online medical law and ethics course available in India providing you with a thorough understanding of Indian medical law that significantly propelled your career forward.

Kiran Saluja

I would highly recommend this course to people looking for a healthcare law course in India, all the important modules of medical law are covered in this.

Priyansh Khatri

The modules of this course include all types of legal and lawful information regarding the medical and healthcare industry which can be helpful for both doctors & lawyers.

Harshal Jain

Best medical law online course in India for doctors, lawyers, or professionals looking to have a thorough understanding of Indian medico-legal rules and regulations.

Aayushi Meghwal

This is the best medical law and ethics course available online, I checked many other similar courses and their modules but found this course more useful, especially for lawyers.

Shruti Talreja

Frequently Asked Questions

This specially curated medical law and ethics course in India is designed to benefit a diverse range of individuals, including healthcare professionals, doctors, lawyers, healthcare organizations, and anyone interested in mastering the intersection of medicine and the legal system in India. Specific benefits are tailored to each group, such as legal awareness and risk mitigation for healthcare professionals, enhanced legal knowledge and expertise in medical malpractice cases for lawyers, and more.

The medical law and ethics online course is structured with a comprehensive syllabus covering various aspects of medical law and ethics in India. It consists of ten modules that delve into topics such as the Indian legal framework, medical ethics and law, medical negligence, consent in medical practice, patient confidentiality, medical records and documentation, telemedicine and digital health, medical malpractice insurance, regulatory bodies and licensing, and relevant laws and acts. Each module provides in-depth information and insights, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

This medical law and ethics online course offers a certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the program issued by the International Medical Board For Business Skills, UK. The certificate acknowledges your dedication to understanding healthcare legal risks and can serve as a valuable credential for career advancement and professional growth.

Yes, the medical law and ethics course distance learning in India offers convenience and accessibility by allowing participants to access the materials at their own pace. This flexible format ensures that you can learn without disrupting your busy schedule and from virtually anywhere.

Yes, this medical law online course in India offers the option to contact instructors for clarification and assistance with any doubts or queries you may have.

There are no specific prerequisites for this medical law and ethics course. A background in healthcare or law would be helpful.

To enroll in this medical law and ethics online course in India, you just need to fill up the form below or you can directly call our support team at +91-9929093266  or mail us at me@drarvindersingh.com

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