Mastering Negotiation in Indian Healthcare | Healthcare Negotiation India

From Clinical Rooms to Boardrooms: Mastering Negotiation in Indian Healthcare

Greetings, fellow healthcare warriors! Let's talk about a skill that's as essential as your stethoscope but often overlooked—negotiation. Yes, you heard me right. Negotiation is the invisible scalpel you use every day, whether you're bargaining with pharmaceutical firms or persuading a patient to follow a treatment plan. The Underlying Interests   First things first, let's [...]
Dr. Arvinder Singh will Teach AI to Healthcare Professionals

IIM Gold Medallist Dr. Arvinder Singh will Teach Artificial Intelligence to Healthcare Professionals

The significance of acquiring knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds immense value for healthcare professionals. The transformative impact of AI ranges from elevating patient care to academic endeavours such as achieving higher grades, creating captivating presentations, and crafting impactful theses.   The inception of the International Medical Board for Business Skills (IMBBS) addresses a recurring [...]