Overall Development is Important for Self-Dependence

The CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics, Udaipur became part of a video conference organized by Vidhya Bhawan Gandhi Shikshan Sansthan, Udaipur on Wednesday on the topic ‘Role of Youth Overall development and self-dependence. He said that in current times, youths are facing many challenges, and to face those challenges, the youths have to focus on overall development. Intellectual, emotional and spiritual development are part of the overall development of the person. Incorporates, emotional intelligence, and spiritual intelligence have become important parameters for work-life balance and good performance of the employee.

Self-Dependence is Important

The youth has to focus on skills development with the course study. Skills add value to the personality of the person. This will help the person to become self-confident and self-dependent. Self-dependency helps to grab many career opportunities.


Dr. Arvinder Singh appreciated this effort of the Vidhyabhawan Society. Previously, he also wrote the book “Ten Tools to Creative Genius”. This book is very helpful to boost the creativity of the person.


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