Dr Arvinder Singh Receives Invitation From Oxford University, London and British Parliament

Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO of Arth Group, has received an invitation from the esteemed Oxford University of London and the British Parliament to participate in an event to be held in July. This honor is in recognition of the significant contributions made by Arth Group in the realms of medicine and education. Dr. Singh was previously awarded the British Parliament Award last year and received the double world record and Global Master Mind Award at the Asian Business Conclave in Singapore. He has also established two International Medical Boards in London and is set to venture into medical education in India through Medipreneur Healthcare.


Dr. Arvinder Singh’s accomplishments are remarkably varied, leading people to label him a genius. He holds the world record for obtaining the most degrees, an achievement recognized by former Governor and First Lady IPS Kiran Bedi. He also set another world record by riding a bike through Ladakh’s Khardungla with an 80% disability, for which he was honored by the Governor of Ladakh. Dr. Singh is the first postgraduate medical doctor from Rajasthan to appear on the TEDx platform twice as an international speaker.


Dr Arvinder Singh’s achievements are so diverse that he achieves success in every field he works in, and people have now started calling him a genius.  He expressed his gratitude to the people of Udaipur who have always expressed faith in Arth and he feels proud that he got the opportunity to represent Udaipur on both national and international stages.

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